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Part 2, too many images.

When I was removing the rear door cards, I noticed that the middle inserts are DIY handmade. They were made from laminated pressed cardboard, covered in sintepon and wrapped in gray faux leather that was spray painted beige to match the interior. It was held in place with supeglue and double sided tape.

It looked very grim, everything is dirty and covered in glue.

Yikes, it is a bit dirty.

I spent a few hours with a scalpel, scraping off the excess glue from the vinyl.

Continuing the DIY theme, I used the existing laminated cardboard as a backing plate. I trimmed it slightly so it fit better and compensated for the thickness of fabric. I then laid down some foam to make it softer and to make it look more 3d.

Making my own template.

I think it looks much better now. The inserts are supposed to be striped, same as the front door cards. But I think the difference won't be that obvious. I could not find original replacements, so I had to get creative.

10 months later FINALLY the car is painted. I am about 80% satisfied, but I must say that I am super picky about bodywork and paint. So it actually is very good.

Blauschwarz metallic 199

Engine bay is in semi-gloss

I love this color. Depending on the ambient lighting and environment it looks gray, bluish gray, black and even a bit golden. I have no idea why anybody thought it was a good idea to paint it in a different color. But I guess it was considered cool in the 2000s

I finally found a photo of a car that looks exactly like I imagine mine. Matching color bumpers and moldings, amg bodykit, chrome, amber turn signals and amg aero 3 wheels. It will look just like this when finished.

The engine and transmission are being installed next week. And then the rest of assembly. Thanks to the bodyshop I won't be able to drive it this season, but it will be ready for the next spring.

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